Secrets behind successful Trading

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December 16, 2016
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August 4, 2017

Secrets of successful Trading

Trading has risk & rewards also. It may depend upon our performance. One who performs sincerely in trading has definitely achieved good profit. Not trade with greed mind, it may affect very harmfully. The main thing we have to learn before trading is that we should obey the rules & regulations in proper manner. Not trade with an emotions mind; we should keep our mind free while trading. Not get disappoint whenever you got a loss in your trading. Loss & profits are a part of trading. Everyone should think that once I got loss in trading, surely I can achieve profit in next time. It is the key point of a trading.

If you are a beginner, first you should trade with small amounts, and then only we can study the lessons of trading. After understanding the ways of getting profit & loss day by day we can increase our trading amount. It is the right way of trading.  If you trade with large amounts in the first time because of your greed mind, surely it may turn to big loss. The main reason for that is you had trade without thinking the side effects of trading. The only thought in your greed mind is that I want to achieve large profit within second. It is the important thing we need not have while trading. First we should trade with only small amounts. Not to be greedy. Only slowly increase your capital amount, not be sudden.

The other important thing that needs to remember a beginner is that not to change the segment of trading suddenly without any clear reason. You should trade continuously in one segment and only change the segment after understanding all about it. This is also a secret of successful trading. One who change the segment of trading without any reason it is sure that he will loss his balance in trading & loss his money also.  It remains as a black mark in his entire trading career.

Next mistake that occasionally happen from the beginners side is that the selection of trading. Such as day trading, position trading. In my opinion day trading is suitable for a beginner because in day trading we can buy & sell commodities in the same day. Also we can study the method of trading very easily through this. That means we can trade with small amounts in day trading. For example: – we can buy 100/- copper in morning by obeying the rules & regulations of trading. Then we can sell it in the same day of sell time. Through this type of trading we can understand the trading lessons easily. Then gradually we can change the trading section, segment & all.

The other thing which needs to remember is that do not trade by some one’s suggestion & tips especially friends, colleague & others. I heard many people’s story like this. It occasionally happens in NSE trading. People buy not well known companies asset by the suggestion of their friend & colleagues. Then the market price deviation happen, that is when the market price move down, because of not having much good returns the company lost their stability. And that way we lost our money also. So the main important thing in NSE Share trading is that the selection of companies. So when you research a stock, the first thing you should look at the earnings of that particular company. Doing proper analysis is an important part of investment process. It is an activity that needs to be done before investing.

So in my opinion one who follow the factors in which I mentioned above can surely got success in his trading carrier. It is the secret behind every successful trader.

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