General Questions

1What is mean by buy sell signal software?
Buy Sell Signal software means, its a technical analysis system coded with lot of algorithmic calculations to predict the market movements with past and present data. It is like a trade supporting software to support traders to pick most accurate buy or sell entry points and exit with stop loss, and assure you will make consistent profit per month from trading.
2Can I develop my own trading system?
Constructing a well performing trading system involves lot of hard work and research. Programmers and well experience traders are taking major part to build a trading system which give most accurate buy sell signals with proper exits. So it is difficult to make your own trading system that performs good in all market. Our trading systems are come out with expertise and after test run.
3What is the difference between trading system and buy sell signal software?
There is no difference in both, that means trading system and buy sell signal software is mean to support the trader for exact buy or sell entries with exit with highest accuracy and make the trader in profit.
4Why your software's have different price and features?
We are building trading system for technical analysis that can give you most accurate buy and sell signals with proper exits. Our all softwares are working in this principle. And regarding the rates we are focusing new comer to professional traders. So for a new comer, he will choose the software with low price, so the features in that software is limited too. But the new comer can trader with mini lots and experience the flourish stage of using a technical analysis software. And in our experience, he will upgrade to our premium version once he got confident in trading.
5Whether I can get a demo before making purchase?
Yes off course. Before making purchase decision you must get confident with our trading systems. You can check the features and live performance of our software in real time through desktop sharing software. For getting demo you may fill the contact details in site, and our staff will get in touch with you and guide you for real time demo.

Payment Related

1I got demo and I am ready to purchase, how to make the payment?
We have payment options to accept Credit/Debit card globally. Wherever you are you can make the payment through Credit/Debit Card and net banking. In addition to these we have following options to make the payment. 1. PayPal 2. Perfect Money 3. Skrill 4. Neteller
2I have done my payment, how you gonna install the software in my system?
Once you made the payment, you have to inform your concerned sales person or contact directly through the live chat facility in our web site. Once the payment confirmed by our accounts department, installation instruction will pass to technical department. They will configure the software and will inform your concerned sales person as ready for installation. Your sales person will collect the desktop sharing software's ID and Password and pass to tech person and the tech person will connect your system and install the software. All these process will be completed with in 15 minutes once the payment confirmed by our accounts department.
3Whether the payment is refund or not?
No, we are giving the opportunity to all our prospects to watch real time demo of our software. So all of them will have the opportunity to test and analyze the software performance and conclude whether the software will help for their trading. So the payment once paid will not refund under any circumstances.

After Sales

1I got installed the software in my system, whats next?
Your concerned sales person will give an orientation about the software, how it open, and how it works. You can ask any doubts before operating system to your concerned sales person.
2I got orientation about the software, whats next?
We advice you to do Paper trading or Demo Trading for at least a week to maximum a month to get familiar with the software and its features. You must be in profit while in paper trading or demo trading, then only you have to do real trade. If any small mistake from your side will ruin your investment.
3Can I get after sales support, and how?
Sure, you can reach us through any of following way. a. contact your concerned sales person via email/skype/whats app b. use our live chat facility in web site c. drop an email to sales@buysellsignalsoft.com
4Whether I can use software in many system with single puchase?
No, the software license configured for single license and it can be use in once system with specific ID. If you want to change the system, you have to inform us and our tech person will guide you with further steps.
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